The CEP Advantage

The Cell Enrichment Process is a novel, flow through, immunomagnetic cell isolation technology.  Its virtual mesh design ensures optimal results of your isolations. 

The CEP is a platform technology enabling the development of novel applications which require high purity and viability of cells.  These advantages coupled with its unique rare cell capturing abilities and high recovery rates create a strong tool for research and development in many biomedical fields which will enhance the healthcare market and enable realization of groundbreaking therapies.  The CEPir is a research use only device based on BioCEP’s advanced CEP technology.


The CEP boasts:

  • Advanced Cell Separation
    Increased recovery, purity and viability of separated cells.
  • User Controlled Platform
    CEPir allows users to adjust the magnetic field intensity and customize their own separation protocols.
  • Flow Through
    CEPir can handle high specimen volumes capturing up to 109 tagged cells in a single batch.
  • Increased Viability
    The CEP’s novel design prevents cell abrasion and clusters yielding over 99% viable cells.
  • Rare Cell Separation
    The user controlled magnetic field intensity allows isolation of rare cell populations of even 1 in 109th cells.
  • Increased Purity
    CEP’s superior separating capabilities yield purer separated specimens after a single pass.