With the advent of cellular R&D, new and strong tools are needed which can ensure superior results.  The Cell Enrichment Process offers unsurpassed flexibility and exemplary recovery, purity and viability


BioCEP’s Cell Enrichment Process (CEP) separates cells from a variety of clinical sources.  The CEP represents a novel design in biomagnetic isolation system combining the best of continuous flow technology with a unique, “virtual mesh” design, producing unrivaled separation of specimens. 

As the specimen flows through the CEP, tagged cells are held in stasis within the virtual mesh,  eliminating  surface contact with the targeted cells.  Electromagnets create strong magnetic fields which enable rare cell isolation.   The results are significantly higher yields of targeted cells with little or no change in their original morphology.  The proprietary software allows parameter definition, such as, the intensity of the magnetic field, system capacity and separation time.

How Does it Work?