A Leap Forward in Magnetic-based Cell SEPARATION Technology

BioCep’s cutting-edge immuno-magnetic cell separation technology combines four powerful magnetic isolation areas with continuous flow technology, to enable separation of a large number of specific and viable cells. This same advantageous technology allows efficient bead removal before infusion to the patient.

How it works?

Positive isolation
of specific cells

Cells labelled with immuno-magnetic beads flow into the systems tubes and are captured and held in the magnetic separation areas, while unlabeled cells flow through and are collected in the negative fraction bag. Following rinsing, the electro-magnetic fields are demagnetized and buffer flows into the tube to collect the target cells in the positive fraction collection bag.

Four powerful magnetic isolation areas allow a significantly higher yield of labelled viable cells, as those cell complexes not fully separated at the first magnetic separation area can be captured in the next separation area. The gentle conditions mean cell separation occurs without harming the cells and with little or no change to their original morphology. Cell seaparation is automated, fully sterile, simple and quick.

Technology Illustration

Effective beads
removal process

A process similar to the positive separation of specific cells is performed on an enriched target cell population containing the magnetic beads after cell expansion. Following endocytosis of the cell’s receptors and bead release, the resulting free beads flow within the cell sample through the four powerful magnetic isolation areas. The free magnetic beads and a low number of cells that are still attached to beads, are captured and held in the magnetic separation areas, while the desired, unlabeled cells flow through and are collected.

The bead removal process is highly efficient with the collected target cells practically free of magnetic beads and can be safely returned to the patient.