Isolation Scenarios


The CEPir is an open platform.  You can easily modify existing scenarios on the touchscreen panel, or create a variety of isolation scenarios to suit your personal isolation needs over the supplied PC Scenario Editor.  The editor allows you to create customized scenarios which plug easily into the device. 

For your ease, your CEPir comes with a menu of pre-installed isolation scenarios for both positive isolation and depletion. These include CD3 , CD4, CD8, CD15 and CD19 cell populations.  A list of the CEPir scenarios and links to the relevant reagent suppliers can be found on the CEPir Isolation Scenario page.

Please contact us at for information and assistance regarding cell types other than those found above. 

For newly released scenarios  available for download  please visit the download center

If you choose, BioCEP can offer scenario creation services.  For a description of these services and to receive a proposal for this project, please get in touch with our sales department at