Company Profile


BioCEP’s vision is to lead the next generation of cell isolation devices which enable novel therapies and diagnostics by offering a rare cell isolation technology that can be integrated with front and downstream technologies.


BioCEP develops, manufactures and sells cutting-edge technologies for cell isolation, worldwide. Its patented Cell Enrichment Process is incorporated in the CEPir (Cell Enrichment Process for Isolation of Rare Cells) cell isolation device enabling effective immunomagnetic cell isolation for R&D. The CEPir isolates rare cells at high purity and recovery rates offering an alternative to inferior traditional solutions.

Founded in 2006, BioCEP Ltd., a privately owned, Israeli company is focused on the development of cutting-edge technologies for cell isolation.  BioCEP employs a staff of bright and motivated biologists, engineers and business managers which together have led the company from conception to realization.  Looking onwards, BioCEP will continue to develop leading technologies in its field and novel clinical and diagnostic applications over its advanced cell isolation platform.