Advancing Stem Cell Separation

BioCep enables an advanced, automated cell separation method to isolate stem cells with high purity and viability on a large scale.

The Therapeutic
Need for
Large-Scale Stem
Cell Production

Over the last decade, the innate regenerative capacity of stem and progenitor cells resident in blood and tissue has been the basis of several promising tissue-based therapeutic strategies. These strategies for stem cell therapy require isolation of the stem or progenitor cells from their native environments in blood or tissue in viable condition and in sufficient quantity.

BioCep Powers Exceptional Large-Scale Isolation of Stem Cells

Although there are many stem cell separation methods that are commercially available and have been widely used, the most common technology for cell separation is using magnetic beads. BioCep’s cutting-edge, automated cell separation technology directly addresses industry needs to enable large-scale isolation of stem cells with exceptional purity, viability and recovery. Furthermore, its powerful capability to efficiently remove beads before infusion to the patient, provides a huge benefit in the use of magnetic beads for stem cell production.