Mastering Cell SEPARATION to Power Personalized Cell Therapy Production

BioCep’s SmartSep™ has been specifically designed to provide an automated, tailored solution to address the rapidly changing production needs for personalized treatments.

Personalized Cell Therapy Requires a Paradigm Change in Manufacturing

Personalized medicine is a relevantly young but rapidly advancing field of healthcare that is informed by each person’s unique clinical, genetic, genomic, and environmental information.

Patient-specific therapies, particularly cell and gene therapies, have the potential to treat diseases more effectively than ever before. Yet from a manufacturing perspective personalized medicines, including bespoke cell and gene therapies such as CAR-T and T-reg, the leading personalized cell-therapy based treatments, are a “paradigm change”. Their production faces several challenges in the complexity associated with current clinical manufacturing methods, which make production very expensive and restricts wide-scale use.

Cell Therapy


SmartSep™ has been specifically designed to address these new personalized medicine production needs. SmartSep™ enables a fully-automated process for cell separation and magnetic bead removal. It directly reduces today’s labor intensive methods, while helping adopt the technology to support treatment of a large number of patients and drive commercial-scale manufacturing.