Magnetic Beads
Your Preferred Choice

With over 66% of cell manufacturers selecting magnetic-based cell isolation technologies1, BioCep provides a leap forward in cell isolation technology using magnetic beads.

Magnetic Beads
are a Routine
Methodology for
Cell Separation

Magnetic sorting using magnetic beads has become a routine methodology for the separation of key cell populations from biological specimens. Due to the inherent ability of magnets to provide forces at a distance, magnetic cell manipulation is now a standardized step in numerous processes in tissue engineering, medicine, and in fundamental biological research.

The majority of cell separations currently performed for clinical cell therapy and regenerative medicine use cells isolated from bone marrow and blood. The isolated specific cell population are used as a treatment product. Isolated cells are propagated or undergo different manipulations and propagate thereafter. The propagated cells are used massively these days in clinical trials and as treatments of different diseases.

BioCep Enables A Leap Forward in Magnetic-based Cell Isolation Technology

BioCep advances magnetic-based cell separation technology by delivering an automated, hands-free cell isolation or beads depletion operation in a closed system reducing manual operation. Four powerful magnetic isolation areas with continuous flow technology are used to sort and recover specific labelled cells with exceptional performance. Cell separation occurs without harming the cells and with little or no change to their original morphology.