Company Overview

BioCep is a biotechnology company that has developed an advanced automated, hands-free cell separation technology to isolate cells with exceptional rates of recovery, viability and purity.

BioCep’s SmartSep™ is composed of an automated hands-free and fully-controllable cell isolation instrument easily tailored to different protocols and applications. Its single-use disposable kit includes a set of sealed input and output bags and system tubing for sterile operation use. 

BioCep’s cutting-edge immuno-magnetic cell separation technology combines four powerful magnetic isolation areas with continuous flow technology, to sort specific cells that are attached to magnetic beads, with exceptional performance.

With wide application for the cell and gene therapy market, SmartSep™ particularly addresses the increasing need for new solutions to improve the industrial scale required for personalized cell therapies, specifically CAR-T treatments.

Its exceptional cell recovery rates and efficient beads removal process, that prevents bead infusion to the patient considered a major CAR-T industry challenge, positions the company with an excellent solution to streamline production of these two major stages for this rapidly growing multi-million-dollar market.