• The CEPir is based on an improved method for magnetic cell separation. The CEPir’s contact free design holds tagged cells of interest in stasis, yielding highly viable cells suitable for any downstream use. The CEPir’s flow through technology and novel design

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  • The CEP is a flow through technology that yields a larger number of viable cells, with increased purity in comparison to leading separation methods.  The CEP enables effective rare cell isolation of 1 in 109 cells with excellent recovery, suitable for downstream applications

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  • CEP's separation capabilities are unsurpassed with high purity, recovery and viability, enabling breakthroughs in various life science fields. Partner with us to jointly develop groundbreaking applications over our advanced rare cell isolation platform, the CEPir.

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  • BioCEP signs KOMA Biotech as it’s exclusive distributor in South Korea

    BioCEP has been granted a new patent in the US, Japan and Australia
    BioCEP signs a distribution agreement in Taiwan with UNIMED
    Dr. Ofer Klein and Dr. Mahmoud Abuelhija present BioCEP’s technology application in Prenatal Diagnosis at the 6th China Maternal and Child Health Summit
    BioCEP signs a distribution agreement in Japan with BizCom
About BioCepFounded in 2006, BioCEP Ltd., a privately owned, Israeli company is focused on the development of cutting-edge technologies for cell isolation. BioCEP develops, manufactures and sells these products to its customers, worldwide. Its patented Cell Enrichment Process is incorporated in the CEPir (Cell Enrichment Process for Isolation of Rare Cells) cell isolation device enabling effective immunomagnetic cell isolation for R&D. The CEPir  isolates rare cells at high purity and recovery rates offering an alternative to inferior traditional solutions. BioCEP is developing novel clinical and diagnostic applications over its advanced cell isolation platform. Watch Our VideoMovie_Icon

The CEPir is a research use only device and is not intended for clinical or therapeutic use.