Mastering Cell SEPARATION to Power Personalized Medicine

We have developed a large-scale, automated immuno-magnetic cell separation technology for the cell and gene therapy market. Our flagship product, SmartSep™ enables exceptional cell recovery with an efficient magnetic beads removal process before infusion to the patient.



Automated Cell Separation
Tailored to Different

Our flagship product, SmartSep™ combines a large-scale cell separation instrument with closed, sterile, disposable kits. It applies advanced magnetic sorting to enable high yields of specific isolated cells with very high rates of recovery and purity. The system’s automated, hands-free process is fully adjustable and can be tailored to different protocols and applications.


A Leap Forward in
Immuno-Magnetic Cell
Separation Technology

BioCep’s cutting-edge immuno-magnetic cell isolation technology combines four powerful magnetic separation areas with continuous flow technology, to isolate a large number of specific and viable cells. This innovative technology also enables an efficient bead removal process before infusion to the patient.

Cell Therapy


Mastering Cell Separation
for Cell & Gene Therapy

The BioCep technology provides tailor-made, fully-automated procedures for specific cell manufacturing applications. Seamlessly integrated within CAR-T and other cell therapy production processes, it directly addresses the growing industry challenge to enable high yields of cell isolation and recovery for autologous and allogeneic cell treatments.